Numark N4

The Numark N4 is a 4-deck DJ controller with seamless integration of external devices.

Nuovo nella versione 1.10.

Mapping Description

Numark N4 (schematic view)

Numark N4 (schematic view)

This mapping has some unusual features like per Deck shift buttons and multiple pages of hotcues. An annotated, ready-to-print overlay of this mapping can be downloaded for DIN A3 and DIN A4 printers.

Definable Settings

Some settings in the script can be changed by editing them at the top of the script.

searchAmplification Defines the speedup-factor used when using the searchbutton and scrolling.
type: number
range: ]0;+∞[
warnAfterTime Time in seconds before the end of the track in which the controller should warn you.
type: number
range: [0;+∞]
blinkInterval Timeinterval for the triangular Leds in ms
type: number
range: [20;+∞[
encoderResolution Percent how much the value changes with each encoder tick
type: number
range: ]0;1]
resetHotCuePageOnTrackLoad The Hotcuepage should be reset to 1 when a new Track is loaded into the Deck
type: boolean
range: true or false
cueReverseRoll If [SHIFT]+[CUE] should trigger a reverse_roll
type: boolean
range: true or false
rateRanges An array of rateRanges in percent
type: array
range: ]0;3]


The Deck consists of the jogwheel, play, cue, the topContainer (which hold the eight square buttons and the four encoders), pitchslider, pitchrange, search, keylock, tap, sync and pitchbend ±.

Special Features

The mapping features some peculiar features which might not be discoverable by standard trial-and-error.


A shift button is bound to its Deck, which means that you can’t use the shift button of Deck1 to access a shifted function on any of the other three Decks. Moreover the shiftbuttons can also work as toggle switches instead of pushbuttons (enabled via components.js Button.type.powerWindow). This means that if the shiftbutton is pressed for a longer period than 275ms it will bounce back to its original state (like a regular shift-/pushbutton). If the Button was pressed for a shorter period than 275ms, the button will remain in that state until it is pressed again (like a toggling button).


The four lower buttons of the topContainer are hotcues. They can be changed by using the corresponding Encoder [HOTCUE PAGE]. The current assignment will then be shown for one second in the upper row. Currently up to 4 Pages are supported (with 4 hotcues each).


Most of these controls behave as expected but they are listed in detail for the sake of completeness anyways.

Default: Starts regular Play.
Shifted: Plays Track in reverse.
Default: Standard Cue.
Shifted: reverse roll if shift is enabled (plays in reverse end enables slip) otherwise standard cue.
Pitchbend ±
Default: Change rate temporarily.
Shifted: Change rate temporarily small.
Default: Momentary BPM Sync
* Short Press: Momentary BPM & Phase Sync
  • Long Press: Toggle Sync Lock

Shifted: Toggles magnet (quantize)

Default: Tap the desired BPM of the Channel
Shifted: ^^
Note: This functionality is broken until #1811 gets merged
Default: Enable Scratching (otherwise it just works just like moving the Jog without the platter)
Shifted: Speeds up platter movement for searching within the track
Default: Toggles track keylock
Shifted: Syncs Key
Pitch Range
Default: Cycles Through pitchranges
Shifted: ^^
Pitch/Bpm slider
Default: Normal Pitchslider (Down plays faster; can be changed in the global mixxx preferences)
Shifted: ^^


The TopContainer holds four assignable Hotcue buttons, four loop buttons, which can enable FX via Shift, and four Encoderknobs.

Default: set/active Hotcue_X
Shift: clear Hotcue_X
visit#special_featuresfor more info on how these work
Loop In
Default: Presses the Loop In button like in the UI
Shifted: Toggles EffectRack1
Loop Out
Default: Presses the Loop Out button like in the UI
Shifted: Toggles EffectRack2
Loop Here
Default: Creates a loop at the current position of current Loop Size.
Shifted: Toggles Slip
Default: De-/Re-activates the last loop
Shifted: Jumps to start of last loop and stops playback there
FX1 Knob
Default: Controls the Super Knob on EffectRack1.
Shifted: Controls the Mix Knob on EffectRack1.
FX2 Knob
Default: Controls the Super Knob on EffectRack2.
Shifted: Controls the Mix Knob on EffectRack2.
Hotcue Page
Default: visit #special_features for more info on what this encoder does
Shifted: Double/Halve current Loop Size
Beat Jump
Default: Jump in the direction turned
Shifted: Double/Halve current Beat Jump Size


The Mixer features four channels with identical functionality and controls for the library and other miscellaneous features.


A channel consists of a volume fader, a gain knob, knobs for low,mid,high EQ a Loadbutton and a pflButton. These are internally still part of the Deck which is why the shiftbutton of Deck 1 won’t work with the Loadbutton or gainknob of Deck2/3/4.


Default: Channel Volume

Default: Channel Pre-Fader-Listening
these work as usual on the N4: Clicking another one deselect all other. Press multiple at the same Time to PFL multiple Channels

Default: EQ Low


Default: EQ Mid


Default: EQ High

Default: Gain
Shifted: QuickEffect1 (Usually Filter)
Default: Load Track into Deck
Shifted: Eject Track from Deck


The Library is managed via the Library Encoder. Any shiftbutton can be used to access shift functionanly

Default: Move Library Cursor Vertically
Shifted: Move Focus between panes
sometimes the focus is stuck somewhere (eg when using the searchbox) and is only recoverable with user intervention via a pointing device.
Button Default: Open/Close Folder / Load Item into first available Deck (Context-dependent)
Shift: Maximize Library



The Crossfader and its assignment buttons are integrated seamlessly with Mixxx.

Line/PC Input Source

Function as expected: Mutes the corresponding Deck in Mixxx if set to Line.

Crossfader Contour

Normal: Uses the crossfader parameters that were present when the mapping was loaded Scratch: Uses Scratch typical parameters for hard cuts

Cue-Master Mix

Doesn’t manipulate the mixxx controls. Make sure the head gain is not zero and the mix is set to 100% PFL

Cue Volume

Make sure its high enough within mixxx

Booth/Gain Volume

Behaves as espected (but doesn’t manipulate any mixxx controls).