Numark iDJ Live II

The Numark iDJ Live II is a budget MIDI controller similar to the Discover DJ <ion-discover-dj>. It does not have a built in sound card, so a splitter cable or a separate audio interface is required to use headphones with it.

Nowe w wersji 2.3.0.


This controller is USB MIDI class compliant, so it is plug-and-play on all platforms without having to install any special drivers.

Button mapping

Most of the mapping is self-explanatory and matches up to labels in the Mixxx GUI. The mapping script only handles the jog wheels and scratch button, so you can remap everything else using the learning wizard if you’d like.

Play/Cue/Sync buttons

Despite their appearance, the cue buttons don’t seem to have LEDs. Only the play and sync buttons do.

The „SET” buttons set the cue point and the arrow buttons jump to the cue point. They do not change behavior depending on whether the track is playing or paused.

Jog wheels and scratch button

The scratch button in the middle changes the mode of the jog wheels. When the scratch LED is off, you can use the wheels to adjust the pitch of a playing track, or to quickly search through a paused track. The search mode moves exactly 32 beats for each revolution of the jog wheel.

Browse knob

The browse knob scrolls through your library, and the 1 and 2 buttons below it load a track into the corresponding deck. Pressing down on the Browse knob toggles fullscreen library view.