13.5. Key Detection

Mixxx comes with a high precision musical key detector to help you make smooth mixes by ensuring that your tracks are musically compatible.

Analyzer Settings

Key detection is a complex operation. Depending on your computer and the track’s bitrate and duration this may take some time. By default Mixxx analyzes the complete track. To accelerate key detection on slower computers, a “Fast Analysis” option is available. If enabled, the key is computed by analyzing the first minute of the track.

Mixxx preferences - Key settings

Mixxx preferences - Key settings

The table below summarizes the Key detection settings:



Enable Fast Analysis

If enabled, the key will be detected by using only the first minute of audio.

Re-analyze key when settings change or Key detection data is outdated

If enabled, Mixxx will re-analyse tracks if you select a different key detection plugin or the key was generated by a program other than Mixxx.

Key Notation

Change the way keys are displayed in the library.