Hercules DJControl AIR

This is one of the cheapest Hercules DJ controller from Hercules leisure DJ controllers brand. There are actually many versions of it:

  • DJControl AIR (The one shown in picture above)

  • DJControl AIR Street Edition (Limited Edition)

  • DJControl AIR S Series

  • DJControl AIR for iPad

This controller have built-in soundcard with mixer output (3.5mm jack) and headphones output (6.35mm jack).

The main fun and uncommon feature of this controller is its proximity sensor (IR) located above EQ potentiometers and between top horizontal vu-meter.

New in version 1.11.

Sound Hardware settings

  • Sample rate: 44100 Hz

  • Main Output: Channels 1 - 2

  • Headphones Output: Channels 3 - 4

Mapping Description

Hercules DJControl AIR (schematic view)

Hercules DJControl AIR (schematic view). This picture is taken from the Getting Started Tutorial (courtesy of Guillemot Corporation S.A.).

We assume from the annotated picture above that each decks have same controls.

Jogs / Jogs Wheels (1)

Pressing Jogs enable the scratch mode.

PADs (2)





Loop In

Flanger (Mixxx 1.10)

Sample 1


Loop Out

Align Beat Grid to current position

Sample 2


Loop Double

Toggle Quantitize

Sample 3



Toggle KeyLock

Sample 4

Proximity Sensor (4)

Currently not mapped

Library Navigation (8)

  • Folder : Switch to previous view (library, playlist…)

  • Files : Switch to next view (library, playlist…)

  • Up : Scroll to previous track in library/playlist

  • Down : Scroll to next track in library/playlist

Load track to Deck (9)

This button load track to the selected deck (A => Deck 1, B => Deck 2)

Headphone listen (PFL) (10)

This toggle the Pre Fader Listen for the selected Deck(s)

Rec (11)

Currently not mapped

Load selected track to sample (12)

This is done by pressing and holding the Magic button while pressing on the desired sample PAD.


Currently not mapped

Sync (16)

Synchronize the tempo to the other deck one (One-time beat sync, tempo/phase).

Speed Adjustment (17)

Adjust speed slower [ - ] or faster [ + ] in Coarse mode.