Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

The Kontrol S2 MK3 is a two-channel controller with an integrated sound card. It has two integrated stereo outputs (line and 1/8» / 3.5 mm TRS), headphone outputs (1/8» / 3.5 mm TRS) and microphone inputs (1/4» / 6.3 mm TRS). The MK3 uses the standard HID protocol to send and receive signals from a computer, so it can work with Mixxx. The Kontrol S2 MK3 can run from USB bus power, and using a separate power supply has no impact on the output level or LED brightness (as opposed to the MK2).

Nuevo en la versión 2.2.4.

Distinto en la versión 2.3: Unbind Main knob from Mixxx’s Main Gain, because it controls the hardware volume.

Mixxx Sound Hardware Preferences

  • Main output: channels 1-2

  • Headphone output: channels 3-4

Mixxx mapping

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 (schematic view)

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 (schematic view)


Primary function

Secondary function (+ SHIFT)

1. REV Button

Reverse play while held

Reverse play + slip mode while held

2. FLX Button

Enable and disable slip mode

3. Browse knob turn

Scroll vertically in library

Scroll horizontally in library

3. Browse knob press

Load selected track into deck

Eject current track

4. Preparation button

Add selected track to AutoDJ queue (bottom)

Add selected track to AutoDJ queue (top)

5. List view button

Toggles maximizing the library

6. Sync button

Syncs the BPM and phase (depending on quantize). Press longer to activate sync lock on that deck.

Syncs the phase to that of the other track

7. Keylock button

Enable keylock for the deck

8. Loop knob turn

Halve or double loop size

8. Loop knob press

Set a loop of the defined number of beats and enables the loop

Toggles the current loop on or off

9. Samples button

Active sampler mode (for the number buttons)

10. Hotcues button

Activate hotcue mode (for the number buttons)

11. Move knob turn

Beatjump backwards/forwards

Halve or double beatjump size

11. Move knob press

Activates a rolling loop of the defined number of beats. Once disabled, playback will resume where the track would have been if it had not entered the loop

Activate current loop, jump to its loop in point, and stop playback

12. Jog wheels

Control scratching when touched from the top (Missing: temporarily bend the pitch when touched from the side)

13. Grid button

Adjust beatgrid so closest beat is aligned with the current play position

Adjust beatgrid to match another playing deck

14. Shift button

Activates secondary functions when pressed

15. CUE button

CUE default

If the CUE point is set, jump to it and stops

16. Play button

Toggles playing

Seeks a player to the start and then stops it

17. Number buttons

Function depends on current mode

Hotcue mode

If hotcue is set, seeks the player to hotcue position. Otherwise set hotcue at current position

Clear the hotcue

Samples mode

Load selected track into corresponding slot.
If track is loaded into corresponding slot, go to CUE point and play

If track is playing, CUE default behaviour. Otherwise eject track

18. Tempo fader

Speed control

19. Quantize button

Toggles quantization for both decks

20. Gain knob

Unmapped (adjusts the hardware gain)

21. Microphone button

Toggles microphone talkover, long press for permanent activation

22. Pre-Gain knob

Adjusts the pre-fader gain of the deck

23. HI knob

High frequency filter

24. MID knob

Middle frequency filter

25. LOW knob

Low frequency filter

26. Effect knob

Quick effect knob for the corresponding deck

27. Sample knob

Adjusts the pregain for all the sample decks combined

28. Headphone mix knob

Adjusts the cue/main mix in the headphone output

29. Headphone gain knob

Adjusts the headphone output gain

30. Effect buttons

Load preset from the Quick Effect presets list on both decks. 8 first presets from the list can be selected.
Press the button once to get the first preset, press twice for the second preset.
Press once (Press twice):
1 (5) 2 (6)
3 (7) 4 (8)

Load preset on selected deck

31. Headphone buttons

Toggles headphone cueing

32. Volume fader

Adjusts the channel volume fader for the corresponding deck

33. VuMeter LEDs

Show the current instantaneous deck volume

34. Crossfader

Adjusts the crossfader between both decks