13.2. Library

Changing music directories

You can manually add, relink, and remove Mixxx music directories in Preferences ‣ Library.

Add a new music directory

Mixxx handles multiple music library folders. Click Add to browse to a directory where your music is stored. Mixxx will watch this directory and its subdirectories for new tracks.

If you add a directory that is already in your library, or you are currently rescanning your library, the operation is canceled.

Directories can also be added from the Computer sidebar item inside the library.

Relink an existing music directory

If an existing music directory is moved or renamed, Mixxx doesn’t know where to find the audio files in it. The tracks will still show in library but they can’t be loaded on decks and the tracks will become missing after the library is rescanned.

To relink the music directory, go to Preferences ‣ Library, click Relink to select the music directory in its new location. This will re-establish the links to the audio files in the Mixxx library.

Click Library ‣ Rescan Library, this will update the tracks and cause them to show up again in the library, check the location column in the library and you should see that it now points to the new music directory.

The playlists, crates, history and all track data like cue points, rating, comments etc. are preserved after relinking the library, the tracks are also not re-analyzed as the cached analysis is reused. You can confirm this by checking the Key and BPM columns to see if there is a key and BPM for every track.


It is recommended to take a backup of your Mixxx configuration files before moving or renaming music directories used in Mixxx. For locations in each supported OS as well as detailed descriptions of all settings files, go to The Mixxx Settings Directory.

Remove a music directory

Click Remove, and Mixxx will no longer watch a directory and its subdirectories for new tracks, and asks what would you like to do with the tracks from these directories.

  • Select Hide Tracks to hide all tracks from this directory and subdirectories.

  • Select Delete Track Metadata to delete all metadata for these tracks from Mixxx permanently

  • Select Leave Tracks Unchanged to leave the tracks unchanged in your library.

Hiding tracks saves their metadata in case you re-add them in the future.

Metadata means all track details (artist, title, playcount, etc.) as well as beatgrids, hotcues, and loops. This choice only affects the Mixxx library. No files on disk will be changed or deleted.


When changing music directories, you might want to run a library rescan afterwards. Select Library ‣ Rescan Library in the menu.