16.2. Application shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to access features available in the menu on top of the application window.



File menu

Load Track to Deck 1

Ctrl + O

Load Track to Deck 2

Ctrl + Shift + O

Library menu

Add new Playlist

Ctrl + N

Add new Crate

Ctrl + Shift + N

View menu

Show Skin Settings Menu

Ctrl + 1

Show Microphone Section

Ctrl + 2

Show Vinyl Control Section

Ctrl + 3

Show Preview Deck

Ctrl + 4

Show Cover Art

Ctrl + 6

Maximize Library


Full Screen (Windows & Linux)


Full Screen (macOS)

Shift + Command + F

Options menu

Enable Vinyl Control 1

Ctrl + T

Enable Vinyl Control 2

Ctrl + Y

Enable Vinyl Control 3

Ctrl + U

Enable Vinyl Control 4

Ctrl + I

Enable Live Broadcasting

Ctrl + L

Record Mix

Ctrl + R

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + `

Open Preferences (Windows & Linux)

Ctrl + P

Open Preferences (macOS)

Ctrl + ,

Exit Mixxx

Ctrl + Q

Developer menu

Reload skin

Ctrl + Shift + R

Developer Tools

Ctrl + Shift + T

Stats: Base Bucket

Ctrl + Shift + B

Stats: Experiment Bucket

Ctrl + Shift + E

Debugger Enabled

Ctrl + Shift + D


The Ctrl key on Windows & Linux is equivalent to the Command key on macOS. The Alt key on Windows & Linux is equivalent to the Option key on macOS. Application shortcuts are not customizable.


The Developer menu is available if Mixxx is started using the Launching Mixxx from the Command Line.