DJ Tech CDJ 101

DJ Tech is not to be confused with DJ TechTools, the makers of the MIDI Fighter series, Chroma Cables, and Chroma Caps. There is no (longer) a product page for this discontinued device.

New in version 1.11.

Mapping description

Needs the CDJ 101 to be on midi channel 1 for deck 1 and on channel 2 for deck 2.

  • Pitch slider works as you’d expect

  • Holding down the push button works as a “shift” to activate secondary functions

  • Rotate push button: navigate tracks

  • Shift + rotate push button: switch between playlists

  • Cue button: default cue behaviour

  • Play: toggle play

  • Shift + play: sync

While track is playing

  • Surface of jog wheel: scratch

  • Edge of jog wheel: tempo bend

  • Shift + edge of jog wheel: fine tempo bend

While deck is paused

  • Press push button: load a track

  • Surface of jog wheel: scratch thru track

  • Shift + surface of jog wheel: scan through track quickly

  • Edge of jog wheel: jog though track slowly

  • Shift + Cue: move beatgrid