MixVibes U-Mix Control (Pro) 2

The MixVibes U-Mix Control Pro 2 is a MIDI DJ controller with an internal soundcard and two Inputs for Turntables or any Audio-Source with RCA. It offers also a changeable Cross-fader, adjustable Cross-Fader Curve and individual Touch-Level-Sensors. The U-Mix Control Pro differs only in Cue-Button-Labels The U-Mix Control 2 (without “Pro” = internal soundcard) also. Both should work fine with this MIDI mapping.

New in version 1.10.1.

Mapping description

  • Cross- Volume- and Pitchbend-Slider

  • Master, Gain- and EQ-Nobs incl. Kill-Switches, Cue/Master-Mix (Headphone)

  • Cue-, Play-, Sync-, Pitchbend-, HotCue-, Headphone, Load A/B-Buttions

  • JogWheels (incl. Scratch & Jog)

  • MediaKnob

  • LEDs

    1. Clipping

    2. EQ-Kill


    4. HotCUEs

    5. Headphone (A/B)

    6. Load (A/B) - 20 Seconds end of Track

    7. Jog (Keylock)

    8. Bend

Special Functions

  • BPM-Tap: Press “Shift” + “Sync”

  • Keylock: Press “Jog”

Currently not working

  • Sample-Deck-Management

  • Loop-Knob & Loop-Setting

Not MIDI-mappable

  • MIC-Level-Control (MIC is hardwired through master output)

  • Headphone-Level Control (Level-Adjustment in Mixxx and the Hardware-Nob are independent)

  • Touch Level sensitivity (only Hardware)

  • C.F. Curve (turn to fully left and change in Mixxx, if needed)