Behringer CMD Micro

Behringer CMD Micro

Behringer CMD Micro (schematic view)

The Behringer CMD Micro is a simple controller for basic two-channel mixing. This device does not have a built in sound card, so it would require a splitter cable or separate audio interface to be able to preview tracks in headphones.

Nouveau dans la version 2.1.

Mapping description

  • Cue, Play/Pause, Sync, Load A, Load B, the Level / Browse knobs, and the crossfader all behave as labeled.

  • Cue A and Cue B send the respective track to the headphones.

  • The inner vertical sliders control the track’s volume.

  • The outer sliders control the playback speed.

  • The 1, and 2 buttons toggle a 4 and 8 beat loop, respectively.

  • The Pitch Bend buttons temporarily adjust the playback rate. They can be configured to change the key of the track instead by setting the PitchBendsKey option to true at the top of the JS file (open the JS file in a text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, or gEdit to change this). With the PitchBendsKey option, when both buttons are pressed simultaneously, the key is reset to the track’s default key.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are touch enabled. When the top is pressed, they emulate turntable scratching. When the side is touched, they affect the playback speed (jog).