Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 is a two-deck ultra-compact DJ controller with an integrated 96 kHz / 24-bit sound card. It features stereo sound output using two unbalanced RCA connectors and a standard headphone (1/8” / 3.5 mm TRS) output jack. The controller can be powered directly from the USB bus or by using an external power adapter.


The Kontrol Z1 is a HID and USB audio class compliant device, which makes it fully compatible with Mixxx. It requires no proprietary drivers when used on Linux or macOS.

For Windows, download and install the latest Traktor Kontrol Z1 audio driver from the manufacturer’s website.


Parallel installation of Traktor Pro software on Windows

If you have a parallel installation of Traktor Pro on Windows, a service called NIHardwareService.exe is running in the background, which has control over the LEDs of the Z1.

To make the Z1 work properly with Mixxx, you must either uninstall the Traktor Pro software, or temporarily stop this Windows service. One way to do this is to open a Windows PowerShell terminal as Administrator, and run the following command: Stop-Service -Name "NIHardwareService".

Audio hardware setup

The Z1 has a standard 4-channel sound card. Configure the channels in Mixxx as follows:

Audio output

Channel configuration


Channel 1-2


Channel 3-4

Controller overview

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 (schematic view)

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 (schematic view)

Mapping description

All knobs and buttons function in Mixxx as they are labeled and follow the manufacturer’s standard mapping. Two secondary track control functions are also available using the Mode button as a modifier. This makes the Kontrol Z1 more usable by itself without other controllers.



Primary function

Secondary function


Main knob

Main output volume (hardware function - not mapped in Mixxx)


Cue Vol knob

Headphone output volume (hardware function - not mapped in Mixxx)


Cue Mix knob

Adjusts cue / main mix for the headphone output


Gain knobs

Adjusts pre-fader gain of the deck


Hi knobs

High frequency equalizer knob


Mid knobs

Middle frequency equalizer knob


Low knobs

Low frequency equalizer knob


Filter | FX knobs

Adjusts quick effect superknob for the deck


Filter | FX On buttons

Toggles selected deck quick effect on / off

Start / stop track playback


Headphone A / B buttons

Toggles deck headphone cueing on / off

Seek track to cue and stop


Mode button

Activates secondary functions when held down


Level A / B meters

Show the current instantaneous deck volume


Volume faders

Adjusts channel volume fader for the corresponding deck



Adjusts the crossfader between both decks